Saturday, 24 April 2010

Local Elections – Crouch End Hustings

Residents in Crouch End held an elections hustings event at the their annual general meeting on Tuesday 20th April, at Christchurch Church Hall on Crescent Road. They invited candidates from the Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative and Green parties to address the meeting. The Green party was represented by Pamela Harling (pictured), this is an edited version of what she said.

I’m Pamela Harling and I have lived in Crouch End for 15 years. My fellow candidates, Stewart Horne and Duncan Ford, also live in this ward, and I think that we can do better for this great community here in Crouch End.

Why vote Green? Here are just three good reasons…

Only Greens will bring fresh solutions and new ideas to old problems. As an example, we plan to fight for a Free Mass Insulation Scheme, in part funded by an energy company. This will lift the borough’s poorest out of fuel poverty, create local jobs and cut our CO2 emissions, as well as saving every resident money on their fuel bills. This CAN be done – it just requires the political will. That’s what Greens will provide.

Haringey Council has been rated as the worst performing council in London , according to the Audit Commission. For years, the ruling Labour Party and the opposition Lib Dems have been at loggerheads, more interested in political point-scoring than serving local residents. We think this is the wrong way to go about local politics, and would seek to get some balance onto the council and hold the big parties to account.

There are Green councillors in surrounding boroughs, including in Camden , Hackney and Islington, who’ve done a great job. For example, Katie Dawson in neighbouring Islington has worked hard to implement a 20 mph speed limit on all residential roads, as well as establishing a repair service for household goods, creating new allotments and more apprenticeships.

In short, you have a choice. More of the same, or new voices with passion and ideas for Crouch End.

If, like us, you want to live in a fairer, more equal and greener borough – please vote Green in Crouch End in the local elections. We’ll ask awarkward questions on the council and by electing the borough’s first Green councillors, YOU can make history in Haringey.

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