Friday, 9 April 2010

Greens Stand Record Full Slate in Haringey

The Green Party will contest every seat on Haringey council at the local elections on 6th May this year. From Northumberland Park in the east of the borough, to Highgate in the west, residents will have the opportunity to use their votes for three Green Party candidates in every ward. In London, each borough ward is represented by three councillors, and the voters get three votes each. In total, Haringey Greens are fielding 57 local election candidates.

This is the first time that we have fielded a full set of candidates, which in many ways is a sign of the growing stature of the Green Party locally. Membership has more than doubled over the last four years, enabling us to field all these candidates, and to finance campaigns at the local elections as well as stand General Election candidates in both Parliamentary constituencies. Pete McAskie will stand in Hornsey and Wood Green, and Anne Gray in Tottenham constituency at the General Election.

Right across London, record levels of local election candidates will stand for the Green Party, with a further 6 boroughs having a full slate of candidates, I hear, and we will contest every General Election constituency in the capital.

We think it is important to give people the opportunity to vote Green, and to represent something of a real choice at the ballot box. The Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative Parties, all stand for the elitist neo liberal consensus policies which have proved to be so disastrous for people in the UK and around the world. We have a vision, of a different way to run our economies, which is ecologically sustainable for the planet and fairer for the people who live on it.

If you are frustrated that your vote makes no difference, if you are outraged by the way a minority gorge themselves whilst others have nothing, if you are concerned by what kind of future our children will have on a warming planet, then take a look at the Green Party. Our campaign slogan is ‘fairness is worth fighting for’, so help us take the fight to the establishment at these elections, by voting Green on 6th May.

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