Sunday, 23 November 2008

Green Party ask local people to send cards to people at risk

Haringey Green Party will be offering local people the chance to send greetings cards to people across the world, as part of Amnesty International’s annual ‘Greetings Card’ campaign.

Cards, sent to individuals at risk and political prisoners, are sent from well-wishers from around the globe. This can help guarantee the safety of these vulnerable people, as well as providing much needed moral support.

Jean Lambert, Green MEP, who was the Justice and Human Right MEP of the year 2005, will be in attendance.

We are sending out the message that these people are not forgotten. Many of them are being punished for standing up for justice and human rights in their own countries. The greetings cards they receive, which often amount to thousands, let the powers that be know that we are aware of what is going on, and these people cannot simply ‘disappear’.

Cards will go to several groups and individuals, and card signers can choose who they want to send their cards to. One recipient will be Aster Fissehatsion, a former politician and critic of the Eritrean government. She has been held incommunicado without charge or trial since September 2001.

Cards will be signed at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, Stroud Green on Sunday 14th December from 1pm until 5pm. Card signers will be asked to contribute the price of postage, and any donations of non-religious Christmas cards would be welcome, although some will be provided by the Green Party.

Please join us for what promises to be a fun and fruitful afternoon.

For more information, contact Sarah Mitchell from Haringey Green Party on 07950 118 998.


Mary H said...

This is such an easy thing to do and will mean much to those people who need the moral support. AND after you've signed you might like to pop into the park right next door to Hornsey Vale Community Centre at 5pm. There's carols under the Christmas tree from 5 to 6 presented by Hornsey Vale Christmas Singers complete with mince pies, hot chocolate & mulled wine. I went last year and it was great.

Sarah Mitchell said...

Yes, they're going to be practising in the hall next to us whilst we sign the cards, so the whole afternoon should be - well, a festive fest!