Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Jean Lambert MEP Addresses Haringey Greens

Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP for London addressed the October meeting of Haringey Green Party. She explained something of the workings of the European Parliament and its relationship with the Commission and the Council of Ministers. The Parliament has stronger powers when it comes to the environment and employment issues, as co-decision making is required. That is, agreement needs to be reached by Parliament and the Council of Ministers (made up of national government ministers).

Asked about her greatest achievement as a MEP, Jean said that as a member of the Employment and Social Affairs committee she has successfully pushed the Green Jobs agenda, particularly linking training to climate change. Jean has made strong links with the European Trade Unions Federation and there is much interest in taking this forward. Jean has a good track record on employment issues and also pursuing issues associated with asylum seekers and human rights.

Jean thinks that the current financial crisis may provide an opportunity for change, but there is also a risk that a jobs first and economy first mentality may overshadow the environment and a sustainable future.

In the 2009 European Parliament elections, London representatives will be reduced from 9 to 8, due to European expansion to the east. Jean finished 8th in 2004 but we will need to put in every effort if she is to be re-elected next year.

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