Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lib Dems Turn Blue

It’s true to say that the Green Party in Haringey had a disappointing result in the general and local elections, you can see the results here

With the general election being held on the same day as the local elections here, we were swept away somewhat, by voters with a change of government on their minds. Even so, in percentage terms we had a small gain in our target ward of Stroud Green, which is testament to all the hard work put into the ward. It augurs well for the future when over 1200 people voted for us at an election such as this.

Moreover, the decision of the Lib Dems to go into a coalition government with the Tories at national level, also opens up possibilities for us Greens in Haringey. All the Lib Dem voters, (and members for that matter) that I know, will be horrified that voting Lib Dem, has got us a Tory government. These voters tend to be on the left politically, and voted Lib Dem on the strength of their opposition to the Iraq war, and other political positions associated with the left, not to prop up a minority Tory administration. Of course, many of these voters will now return to the Labour Party fold, but it is our job to persuade them that a Green vote is the only viable progressive one in town. Interesting times ahead, I think.

It is also interesting to watch what happens to this coalition government over the next year or so. The right wing of the Tory Party is not at all happy with what it sees as a watering down of their manifesto commitments, such as tax breaks for married couples, and a softening of the stance on the European Union. At the same time, the left wing of the Lib Dems will not be happy at the expansion of nuclear power or the decision to update the Trident nuclear weapons system, and must be generally uneasy about being in government with characters like Michael Howard and Ian Duncan Smith.

All the talk of being responsible and putting the national interest above party politics, is just a cover for a few Lib Dem bums getting to sit in ministerial limos, and rake in ministerial pay checks. The logical extension of this sort of thinking is not to have elections at all. Although, as this blog observed, Nick Clegg’s leadership has taken the Lib Dems to the right politically, and so this coalition is ideologically rational. It’s just a shame that the voters didn’t realise this before casting their votes for a Tory government, in effect, by voting for the Lib Dems.

We will now have to suffer the ‘savage’ slashing of public expenditure that this government will bring. Hopefully, it will tear itself apart before too long, and all those left leaning Lib Dem voters will get a swift opportunity to put right their mistake.

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Derek Wall said...

Lib dems are joining the Green Party, the former chair of the lib dems in Worcester ripped his card up on the politics show today and has joined the GPEW