Friday, 16 January 2009

Seven Sisters By-Election Result

The Seven Sisters By-Election took place yesterday, and Haringey Green Party took an active part. The result was as follows:

Joe Goldberg (Labour) 1032 (37.08%)
Anne Gray (Green) 166 (5.96%)
Isaac Revah (Conservative) 968 (34.78%)
Lydia Rivlin (Independent) 36 (1.30%)
David Scmitz (Liberal Democrat) 581(20.88%)

Electorate 8991
Votes cast 2797
Spoilt papers 14
Turnout 31%

1 comment:

Georgeous said...

Sorry, Anne, you'll hate this but: how absolutely delightful that the disgusting devil-woman whose campaign was managed by a foul racist was so convincingly, humiliatingly crushed.