Sunday, 14 December 2008

Haringey Green Party's Amnesty International card signing event is a success!

Haringey Green Party this afternoon took over Hornsey Vale Community Centre and hosted an Amnesty International Greetings Card signing event. People from the local community joined us for mince pies and Christmas cake, and together we signed over 250 cards and letters to individuals and groups at risk around the world.
Jean Lambert, Green MEP, who was the Justice and Human Right MEP of the year 2005, was in attendence.
It gave us the opportunity to meet local people and get to know them as individuals, which is rather hard when, for example, canvassing on the doorstep! It also shows the people in Stroud Green that we are active and busy all year round - not just at election time.
At this time of year, when everyone is rushing around trying to organise Christmas, it can be good to take time out to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. By reaching out to them by sending a simple message of goodwill, we can not only boost their morale but also perhaps help to secure their safety. The arrival of these letters and cards let's the powers that be know that these people are known about around the world - they cannot simply be made to 'disappear'.
In short, a postive and worthwhile afternoon! Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event so successful and enjoyable.


Mike Shaughnessy said...

Yep, a very wothwhile exercise, we were able to meet the local community, and send a message of solidarity, to those held in prison for trivial 'offences' like being citical of their governments. Well done Sarah for organising the event.

Mary H said...

Yes, it felt like a special afternoon and it was great for the people of my neighbourhood to have this opportunity. Thanks very much Sarah.